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Project Hope

This Christmas...please consider partnering with SCJM's Project Hope in giving the gift of a life time....Jesus!

What is Project Hope?

Project Hope

Project Hope was started in 1987 with 50 kids and $500. Last year over 579 children and 234 families received gifts and 763 bibles. What started this project was seeing all of the kids waiting in the jail to see their parents before Christmas. Many of those kids knew there would be nothing under a tree let alone even a Christmas tree for Christmas and either mommy or daddy or both wouldn’t be home for Christmas. It broke our hearts. Christmas time is suppose to be a happy time and this wasn’t a happy time for these kids. I thought how can we make a difference. How can we change their lives for the better. So many of these kids were headed for this jail in a matter of years as inmates. It’s amazing I can remember the hard times of my family and how it still  effects me now as an adult. So we named this “Project Hope”. Even though “Angle Tree”, is doing a lot for inmates in prisons our county jail moves so many inmates out that the inmates who were here when the forms needed to be handed in would already be gone by the time Christmas came around. This project happens fast and as close to Christmas as possible, dealing with the current inmate’s family. Let me share how you can be part of this exciting time. We have set the gift amount to be around $25.00 it’s important that this amount stay the same for each child in the family. We buy, wrap, and delivery these gifts to the home where the children are staying. Sometimes this is with a parent, grandparent, friend or neighbor. Each application is called before hand to make sure all the information that the inmate has given is correct and that the gifts are wanted. The next part is where you can be involved.    

You could:

1. Adopt a child or family and provide a gift to each child and deliver the gifts to the family.

2. Adopt a child or family and just provide the gift to each child and another family can deliver the gifts.

3. Donate money and someone else will do the shopping, wrapping and delivering the gifts. 
(SCJM is a registered non-profit organization so any funds donated are tax-deductible.) 

Along with the gifts we also provide
a bible to each child who can read and abible to the care-giver. Doing this small act of love puts at least two new bibles in the hands of a hurting family. Unfortunately these children are victims too and their whole life could be changed because of what may happen this Christmas. This could be the only gift these kids receive for Christmas. If you want to be part of “Project Hope” please contact us we would be glad to set you up to be part of showing these kids/care-givers the true love of Jesus and the true meaning of Jesus’ Birth. If you would like to send a donation you can by sending donations to SCJM either through our mailing address or through our website.
All the religious programming to Spokane County Jail and Geiger Correctional Center is done through Rev. Chaplain Roger Swift.

If you would like more information you can contact us by email at:



God Bless You

Chaplains Rev. Roger & Sonny Swift

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